For those affected by M.E., Myalgic Encephalopathy, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome

Important information about our website

We know that not everyone is comfortable with change, but after many successful years of providing members, followers and supporters with our current website, we have decided to take the plunge and update things a little.

In December we will be launching a new look website which we hope will make it easier for visitors to find information and support from Shropshire ME Group, access details about ME/CFS, keep up to date with news and research from the ME community, and become a member of the Shropshire ME Group.

We will also be moving to a slightly different website address:
(If you have bookmarked our current web address: you will need to update your bookmark with the address above).

This website will remain active until the new site goes live, giving visitors access to current information and contact forms.

You can also follow Shropshire ME Group on social media:
Facebook: @ShropshireMEgroup  (please note: this is a public Facebook page and is not to be confused with the closed members group for those who have opted for our paid membership subscription).
Twitter: @Shropshire_me

If you have any queries about the forthcoming changes or how to access our social media feeds, please get in touch via the contact page.

Since 1987, we have helped thousands of people with M.E. in the area and beyond.
Our events and conferences have always been free for members and non-members.
However, for us to be able to carry on this work we do rely on the support of others. Please consider donating to our charity or becoming a member. Members
receive a newsletter every second month and can use our library. Membership is only £5 a year.

When those who are newly-diagnosed with the illness meet with volunteers or members this can be a huge relief as the illness is often misunderstood and difficult to understand.

Too ill to socialise or just chat? We know just how you feel.
That's why the group has gone all 21st century and now has...

...gone all twittery and now has a Twitter account.

Tweet, follow, retweet. Let us know what you're up to.

140 characters to virtually waving to one another
(and who knows, we could help other pwME too).

(Many thanks to Merlin2525 and SeriousTux for sharing their great art at Openclipart)

Donna (2nd left) with friends at the end of her journey
Photographer (and errant thumb-owner) unknown.

Donna completed her sponsored walk across the Malvern Hills for the group and raised in excess of £700 in July and still had a smile on her face!

Donna, who has a family member who has suffered with M.E., also keeps busy leading a local choir, spending time with friends and family and helping many people with M.E. in Shropshire by running self-help workshops.

Donna swaps bike for boots

One committee member always comes up with imaginative (and exciting) ways to help people with M.E..

Donna Teague has been organising workshops to help people with M.E. in surgeries around Shropshire since 2013.
Last year Donna raised over £1,000 for SMEG by riding 100 miles across Shropshire.
On the 8th of July, Donna will be walking across the Malvern Hills to raise money for SMEG.

Donna has a great understanding of M.E. as a close member of her family has M.E.
If you want to sponsor Donna (or if you are fit enough join her for a little part of her walk)  contact Donna here.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Chapman)
Introducing our new patron

We are pleased to announce that best-selling author Katie Flynn has kindly agreed to be our patron.

Katie, who writes for Random House, has written over fifty romantic novels. Several of these novels were set in Shropshire, probably because Katie lives nearby.

Katie has lived with M.E. since 1996, sharing her many difficulties with her readers on her website.

To find out more about Katie and her work, click on the link below.

Cycle Ride Interview

Donna rode 100 miles to raise money for the charity. You can listen to Donna speak about her journey with BBC Radio Shropshire's Eric Smith.

To listen to her interview by clicking the cycle below.


Smeg 'on air'

Committee members Jonathan and Monica were interviewed by Paul Shuttleworth  on BBC Radio Shropshire.

The interview, which lasted for nearly thirty minutes, can be downloaded here.

Did you know?

We have a collection of library M.E. related books that members can borrow.
To contact our librarian click here for more details.

We are always happy to hear from new people who want to help.

If you have a few hours a month to spare, or want to know more, click here to get in touch.