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Shropshire M.E. Group's 'Question Time' in 2012

Shropshire M.E. Group (SMEG) has been helping people in Shropshire with M.E. since 1987.  The organisation is completely run by volunteers, many of whom have M.E. themselves or have a relative with the illness. Although our members largely come from Shropshire; however, many of our resources may prove helpful to others too.

A large focus of our work has been to be a local point of contact for people coping with ME. We achieve this through engaging in the following activities:

  • We publish a bi-monthly newsletter offering the latest news, events and developments.
  • Volunteers have formed local support groups for exchanging ideas and mutual support.
  • We organise yearly conferences where leading M.E. specialists present lectures and answer questions.
  •  Our volunteers hold occasional fund-raising events to support SMEG and M.E. research.
  • We organise occasional social events such as picnics and visits to accessible local attractions.
  • We maintain our website, which has offered information and support since 2001.

We are mindful in keeping our membership fees low. Our membership fee has been kept low at just £5 per person per year. As our charity is largely run by people effected by the illness we are very aware that the illness both effects our finances as well as our health; therefore, we decided that this fee could may be waived or reduced in cases of financial hardship. Our committee also holds to a pledge that any surplus which accrues will be forwarded to ME research.

Our local group is independent of the two main national support organisations ME Association and Action for ME. Each of these organisations provide ready advice on welfare and other matters, as well as quarterly newsletters. These national organisations also co-ordinate research efforts and publicise the problems of the ME sufferer to medical and other bodies.

If you would like to join the local Group and receive regular newsletters, please return the application form as soon as possible. For Group administration purposes, details supplied of names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. are kept on our membership computer but no personal details are divulged to anyone without your express permission. You may view your records on request at reasonable times.

Click here for the application forms and save them to a suitable location on your computer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Maralyn Hepworth (Publicity and New Members Telephone Contact): 07516 401097


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