People with this mysterious illnesses M.E. often find it quite helpful to meet others with the same illness. Because of this, M.E. self-help groups in have sprung up in Shropshire, with the help of SMEG members who coordinate them.

Thankfully, these groups always welcome newcomers. In fact, people with M.E. don't even have to be a member to come along!

Feedback from members attending these groups often comment that these groups show a great deal of empathy, patience and understanding. After visiting the group to further understand this mysterious illness many people are so struck by their warmth that they become to them a regular social event.

If you would like details of a support group in your area, please complete the short contact form and we will send you all the information you need.

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Committee members:

Group Chair: Jonathan Kitson
Group Secretary: Maralyn Hepworth
Membership secretary: Monica Dalby
Newsletter editor: Peter Staples
Support group co-ordinator and Librarian: Donna Teague
Website/social media editor: Mike Holt

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