For those affected by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome

Meet our new Patron

16 th of October 2015

Katie Flynn

Come to our coffee morning to meet other members, try your luck with our tombola or buy SMEG mugs or cards.

We are happy to announce that Katie Flynn, our new patron, will be appearing at the event and will be signing novels for both her readers and our supporters. She has generously offered that all proceeds from this booksale will support our charity.

The coffee morning will take place on the 16th of October 2015 at Whitchurch Civic Centre from 9AM till noon.

Click on the link below to learn more about Katie and her work.

21st of October 2015

We are fortunate to have M.E. specialist Dr. Myhill as our guest speaker at our conference this year. Due to Dr. Myhill's busy schedule our conference will take place in the afternoon this time. The conference will take place in a conference room at Shrewsbury Town's football stadium on Oteley Road, SY2 6ST.

Dr. Myhill has agreed to answer audience questions after delivering her presentation.

Our conference is free for all who wish to attend. However, if you do wish to donate, look out for donation box at the event.

The conference will take place between 1pm and 4:45pm.

Many people with our condition are sadly restricted from attending events. If you wish to ask a question to be asked while Dr. Myhill is taking questions, we can ask the question to Dr. Myhill for you. Just click on the image below, fill in the small form on the next page and we will do the rest.

The Big Debate

an event delivered by

Shropshire Partnership for Advice and Advocacy

Sovereign Suite, Shrewsbury Town Football Club
29th September 2015 2.30 -5.30 pm

This Big Debate is a workshop event open to a range professionals, clients and parent and carers who have an interest or who want to know more about two key topics which will be delivered through short presentations followed by table top workshop.

Childhood to Adulthood for disabled children and young people
- hearing a parent/carer’s perspective and then looking at how services in Shropshire are working to develop the transition from childhood to adulthood for disabled children and young people including those on the autistic spectrum.

The Care Act  
- understanding the approach Shropshire has taken to support the Care Act and what independent support there is available locally to better understand The Care Act.


We will have Workshops discussing:

‘What do these mean to you?’

  • Childhood to Adulthood
  • The Care Act

Speakers include:

  • Neil Davies from Lanyon Bowdler re “The Care Act” -Solicitors Perspective
  • Zara Bowden-Shropshire PACC ,
  • 0-25 IASS CAAN Service and
  • Neil Evans from Shropshire Local Authority informing on their approach.
  • Plus other keynote speakers

We have Sign Language Interpreters (BSL) at this event

To book your place click here

Remembering August 8th: Severe ME Day
Twenty five percent of people with M.E. have the illness in a severe form. This means that their lives are heavily effected by the illness and their lives are completely restricted. Many of whom are members of SMEG.

The date when Sophia Mirza's birthday. In 2005 Sopia became the first person in the UK to have M.E. directly attributed as being the cause of their death. More information about Sophia can be found on Wikipedia, 25% ME Group and Sophia and ME, and many others. Sophia's case in notable as she was the first person in the UK to be officially recognised as dying from M.E. (inquest verdict: 'Acute aneuric renal failure due to dehydration arising as a result of CFS'); however, what was most notable was her misdiagnosis and subsequent ill-advised experiences that Sophia and her family endured in the run-up to her death.

hats off to Donna!

Congratulations to Donna who thankfully completed her sponsored bike ride. Due the hard work of Donna, her family of busy supporters she managed to raise hundreds of pounds. Donna's ride brought a lot of publicity and awareness about the disease. The grand sponsoring total has yet to be revealed; however, it will all go to help the many people in Shropshire with M.E.

Donna's local paper, the Whitchurch Herald, published a report about her ride last week. Well done Donna!

Cycle Ride Interview

Donna and John's interview with BBC Radio Shropshire's Eric Smith is now available.

You can listen to their interview by clicking the cycle below.

Our Group's New Patron

Our group is pleased to announce that best-selling author Katie Flynn has kindly agreed to be our patron.

Katie writes for Random House and has now written over fifty romantic novels. A number of these novels have been set in our own county of Shropshire, undoubtedly this is because Katie lives just in the next county.

Katie has a lots of empathy for people with our illness, largely due to the fact that Katie has lived with M.E. since 1996, sharing her many difficulties with her readers on her website.

To find out more about Katie and her work, click on the link below.

Daring Donna's bike-ride gets press coverage

Donna sponsored event had a good article in The Whitchurch Herald today.
For people not in that area, here's a photocopy of the article:

Donna's one hundred mile sponsored bike ride for SMEG
International M.E. Day

The 12th of May was chosen as the date for International ME Awareness Day twenty-three years ago. This date was chosen as it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale who many know as a major reformer in nursing. However, Nightingale's birthday was chosen as the date for another, more apt, reason; after returning from the Crimean war Nightingale
displayed many symptoms which if she were alive today might have received a diagnosis of ME.* Nightingale successfully helped to reform nursing even though she was bedridden and very ill much of the time.

If you wish to purchase a blue (or purple) ribbon to wear to raise awareness, one can purchase badges from the ME Association.

* Similar speculative claims suggest that Nightingale may have suffered from Brucellosis.

Summer Picnic Review

Eight members, spouses and my partner met at the Secret Hills Centre, Craven Arms, for a picnic. This meant that we could all bring our own diet food, or make use of the café. After an hour of cloudy weather, four of us sought shelter inside. We all felt it was great to meet up, chat about our experiences – both ME and our other lives.

This was an easy to organise event. Find a place that is accessible, has an area where people can eat their own food if necessary, and has toilets. ( most important!) This could be a garden centre, museum space, or café. Make sure that someone could be there to meet and greet should you be unable to attend, and let us know the date.

Observation by Julie at the picnic: "The good thing about ME is you can watch the same DVD over and over again and still not remember the ending."

Picnic reviewed by Maralyn

Donna, our busy Librarian, is training to complete an amazing 100 mile cycle ride for the group. Her
bike ride will cover the full length of Shropshire, beginning in the south on June the 19th and ending in Whitchurch two days later. If you are a cyclist and want to travel with Donna on part of her route click here.

*** Click here to download Donna's sponsorship form ***

Sponsor Donna via Givey

Old Valve Radio Image

Smeg 'on air'

Thanks must go to SMEG committee members Jonathan and Monica who discussed M.E. with BBC Radio Shropshire's Paul Shuttleworth  on his show. The interview lasted for almost thirty minutes it was quite thorough as the Paul already had a good awareness of the illness.

If you missed the interview you can download the interview here.

Results from our 2014 members questionnaire
Thanks to all members who returned our M.E. questionnaire. In time the group was able to study our members answers and, with the help of Jonathan our chair, were able to present the results at our 2014 conference. The report was able to be offered to the county's new Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to help them to decide the delivery of care people in our county with the illness. The report was received very well by Dr Riding from the CCG and also Tony Marriott from Shrewsbury's Radbrook surgery.

                        • To read Jonathan's presentation click here.
                        • To view Professor Pheby's slideshow click here

Did you know?

We have a growing collection of library M.E. related books that members can borrow.
Click here to contact Donna, the group's librarian, for more details.

Interested in helping?

SMEG is run by a team of volunteers. We are always happy to hear from new people who feel they want to help.

If you are interested in helping, contact Maralyn to receive further information.

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